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Sustainable Future and Our School Community Garden

21 Mar 2019

School Community Garden

School Community Garden


Our parents and volunteers are doing a great job rejuvenating our school garden. We are organising garden beds and resourcing equipment essential for a thriving garden. At present we have corn, peas, capsicum, guavas, persimmons, Aloe vera and a mandarin tree.  More winter crops will be planted soon. The gardening group are working on Thursday mornings. If you would like to be involved please contact the school. If you know of some community members who would like to use our garden please let them know that they can contact the school. 


Sustainable Future- our Canteen Menu


At present our school recycles cardboard, paper and plastic containers. We also recycle all soft plastics. The children produce less than one half of a red bin in landfill a week. We would like it to be less. 


We have approached The Brooklyn Deli to change the 'popper' drink containers to recyclable containers- those that can be returned at the Mooney Mooney "Return and Earn" vending machine (located next to The Mooney Mooney Workers Club). This will hopefully reduce our waste further. We are also applying to be on the vending machine as a charity to raise money for sustainable causes like our School Community Garden. 


If the menu changes we will let you know through our webpage and future correspondence. At present the menu has not changed. Please note that chocolate and strawberry milk are not available on the menu. Children have  been attempting to order these drinks.