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Head Lice Warning

16 Aug 2019

Please read the following in regards to head lice,


Dear Parents

I am seeking your assistance in minimising the spread of head lice at Brooklyn Public School.

As you are probably aware, lice do not avoid clean, shiny heads of hair.  Head lice are transmitted from human to human in situations where people are close enough for their hair to touch.  This is a common occurrence with children.

Could you please check your child’s hair for the presence of eggs and lice and if necessary, carry out appropriate treatment?  Special shampoos are available from the pharmacies for this purpose.  The eggs cling very strongly to the hair shaft.  They are minute and will not pull off easily.  They are best detected outside (in strong sunlight) if hair is fair.

As you will understand, it will be beneficial to treat all members of the family as precautionary measure.  Parents often feel it is worthwhile to plaid or tie back, their daughter’s long hair as a safeguard.  Using ordinary hair conditioner and a lice comb can also be very effective.

I thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.

Diana Aitken